Who Is Tenaganita?

We are ordinary people who desire the best for our country, our humanity, our world and our future. We stand up for migrant rights, human rights, individuals and communities whenever and wherever equality, fairness, justice and the truth are denied them.

To do this, we mobilize people, carry out campaigns, conduct research, we advocate and raise money for our work.

TENAGANITA projects …..

Does modern-day slavery rile you up? Wish you could help, but don’t know how? The following suggestions might help you out:

1. “Kakak and I”

– Submit an essay, drawing, interview or any other creative representation of your Kakak (domestic worker) to portray how she has played a role in your life.

– Some questions to consider: What are the challenges faced by your Kakak in her new life in your home? Why did she leave home and embark on this journey to serve you and your family? How do you think all Kakak’s should be treated?

– Open to all participants of all ages. If you do not have a Kakak you may interview your relative’s or friend’s Kakak. This is an expression piece, selected entries will be published and credited on our website!

2. “Exposing Modern Day Slavery, One Mobile Phone at a Time”

– Upload a one minute short movie, slide show, documentary or any form of video presentation to
encourage public awareness of modern day slavery.

– You may focus on refugees, migrant/domestic Workers, trafficked sex-workers, or even
products that have been produced by slavery.

– The video should be intended as a PSA (public service announcement) that can be broadcast-ed on TV or alternative media. Length of clip should be 1-2 minutes. There will be prices for 2 winning clips, and these clips will be credited and shown at public awareness campaigns to expose modern day slavery.

– Examples of PSA’s can be found at:



3)The Traffic-Free List

We need your help to do a little research for us.  Pick 8-10 items in your house which are traffic-free (i.e. have not been produced by slave labour).

Use Facebook, Twitter, blogs or websites to explain why these ten items you have chosen are traffic-free, where they were purchased and why it is important to buy traffic-free products. What labels or guidelines would you use to make better consumer choices?

Send us the links and research papers!Your valuable contribution will help inspire other consumers to make better choices, to buy traffic-free and fair-trade goods as well as to deter companies from using slave labour. This will go a long way to end human trafficking by buying the right items. This research will also be credited and published in our website.

4) Donate to help trafficked survivors

– Instead of your monthly Starbucks or KFC, a monthly donation of RM10 to the Shelter of trafficked women and children would help these survivors rebuild their broken lives.

– The money will go towards food, shelter, medical treatment, therapy and other basic necessities of the survivors.

– Donations may be made via ATM or internet transfer into our bank account: at TENAGANITA SB, CIMB Account No: 1408-1194718-050.Kindly send us an SMS or email to inform us of your transfer, to HP: 012-6120177 or justice4ts@gmail.com.Thank you.

5) Exposure visit to a refugee community

If you happen to be around the Klang Valley area and would like some exposure to a refugee community, we at Tenaganita can help facilitate that maximum number of people in a visiting group is 10.Do let us know at least 10 days before arrival.  Email request to: justice4ts@gmail.com.


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